A lottery system in a country is a good idea to help the poor. The government adopts various techniques to help them out with their living expenses that includes charities, housing schemes, food providers, and much more. But the addition of Nagaland state lotteries in a country can help a lot. The lottery system in India is considered to be famous gambling but it is also increasing the income of the state. No doubt, it is luck by chance, why not try our luck to make money? The Nagaland government followed this concept, worked on it, and introduced lottery system, and now it is very successful in India. do you want to know further about it? Let’s get into the details. Nagaland state lotteries, a reliable lucky draw, is held at 1 PM, 6 PM, and 8 PM. Form downloading, prize claiming form, prizes lists…

Nagaland State Lotteries

Establishment of Nagaland State Lotteries

The idea of Nagaland lotteries are popular in India, it was established back in 1972, an achievement of the financial department of the government of Nagaland. In this scheme, the secretart of finance worked as an official director of the department. The directorate keeps track of different lottery draws through the dealer, appointed by the government.  The Nagaland lottery scheme is a price-winning system directed by the Indian state of Nagaland. The officials of Nagaland state arrange and administer all the necessary tasks in the lottery program such as daily or weekly lucky draws of different prize structures and tickets. Please click on the below get results button and find the latest result images and live Draw.

About Nagaland State Lotteries Live

The establishment of the Nagaland state lottery live has reached its destination as millions of people are now participating in it. The government of Nagaland state is successfully running this lottery system, around India. Nagaland state lottery result is popular among a few Indian states where it is considered as a lottery business but it is also confined to the government schemes only. Not any second person can run the system alike. The lottery system that is under the supervision of the government has no doubts. The government has started various projects on money-making games. Other states are also working on the same concept.

Daily Lotteries:

  • Dear morning
  • Dear day
  • Dear evening
  • Dear night

Weekly Lotteries:

  • Deal Flamingo
  • Dear Hawk
  • Dear Ostrich
  • Dear Eagle
  • Dear Vulture
  • Dear Parrot 
  • Dear Falcon and much more

Bumper Lotteries:

  • Christmas Bumper
  • New Year Bumper
  • Pongal Bumper 
  • Summer Bumper

The outcome of all the lotteries is published on the official website or in a newspaper. 

In Nagaland, the lottery system has been working smoothly since 1967. The lottery games can be played in 13 states of India. While it is totally banned in the other ones. The other states include:

  • Assam
  • Mizoram
  • Karela
  • Arunachal Pradesh Goa
  • Meghalaya
  • Maharashtra
  • Madhya Pradesh 
  • Punjab
  • West Bengal
  • Sikkim

Nagaland Sambad’s Lottery Today Results 28.03.2024

Your presence here is enough to say that you are a part of Indian’s Lottery system and again you are looking for the Nagaland state’s lottery results today that were going to announce at 1 PM morning, 6 PM day, and 8 PM evening. Around the results timings you may wander many websites but the results or the available information may not be satisfactory or may be confusing. But, those who visit our website for the first time, never get back to anyone else as we work with perfection and are known to be the fastest in declaring actual results. 

What you need to do is:

  • There you see multiple result images of 3 rounds at different timing.
  • Right click on the desired one and tap on save option.
1 PM ₹
6 PM ₹
8 PM ₹
Nagaland State Lottery Today Result 8 PM 22-03-2024

Doing the same, we are here again to inform our visitors about the Nagaland state lottery result today 28.03.2024 which comes up with a prize money of 1 crore for the first winner. Just spend Rs 6 and be a part of the Nagaland state lottery dear  If done, wait for 1:10 PM, 6:10 PM, and 8:10 PM. Not only this, but we would also reveal the winners of lottery Sambad, Dhankesari, Sikkim state lottery, west Bengal state lottery, and other lottery results as well.

Nagaland Lottery Live Draw:

The live draw held exactly on the time of the result update. it is available on Youtube.

Nagaland Lottery Sambad Result Timings 

Many people visit our website just to check the latest lottery results online. Nagaland’s lottery results come three times a day at different times. At 1 PM, 6 PM, and 8 PM. We work hard to post the latest results on the website on time. Sambad publishes the results in an image on time. We have stated the exact timings so you can visit us at the right time. 

Results come 3 times in a day at different times:

  • 1 PM ( Morning )
  • 6 PM ( Day )
  • 8 PM ( Night )

8 PM Nagaland lottery is an amusement and a way of entertainment played by a vast quantity of people in India, 

Nagaland state results 6 PM is a peak trading time so applying at that time can also be helpful. 

Nagaland state lottery 1 PM, daytime. Apply for the lottery scheme with a fresh mind. You might get successful.

We also post live results on the website in the form of pictures. Give yourself a chance, you never know a day, morning, or evening might be waiting for you. Learn to take chances and risks in life you may be thankful for later. Plus, taking part in these lottery games is inspirational and one can also evaluate new capabilities and get to know number games. 

Nagaland Lottery 1 PM ( Morning ) Results

Days Draw Names
FridayDear Hooghly Morning 
Thursday Dear Padma Morning
Wednesday Dear Torsa Morning 
Tuesday Dear Teesta Morning
Monday Dear Ganga Morning
Sunday Dear Damodar Morning
Saturday Dear Kosai Morning

Nagaland Lottery 6 PM ( Day ) Results 

Days Draw Names 
Friday Dear Earth Friday 
Thursday Dear Venus Thursday
Wednesday Dear Mercury Wednesday
Tuesday Dear Moon Tuesday 
Monday Dear Sun Monday
SundayDear Jupiter Sunday
Saturday Dear Mars Saturday 

Nagaland Lottery 8 PM ( Evening ) Results 

Days Draw Names 
FridayDear Vulture Evening 
Thursday Dear Falcon Evening 
Wednesday Dear Eagle Evening 
TuesdayDear Parrot Evening
Monday Dear Flamingo Evening
Sunday Dear Hawk Evening
Saturday Dear Ostrich Evening

Lottery Prize List

First PrizeRs. 1 Crore
Second PrizeRs. 9000/-
Third PrizeRs. 450/-
Fourth PrizeRs. 250/-

Although the different timings in a day are helpful for those who believe in the lucky charms. For example, at 8 PM or night may be your lucky time to apply for any job, purchasing an item or in the lottery system it can also help you to be a rich person overnight. Choose one, it’s up to you! Don’t believe us? There are a lot of people who tried indian lotteries for the first time and got positive results in the form of a big amount and then they stick to it for a lifetime.

Nagaland Lottery Old Results 

The old results may help you to acquire success in this big lottery system in Indian states. If you look for the old players’ strategies, you may be one of them. Keep in touch with the declaration of results in the Nagaland lottery system that releases new techniques to win this gambling. look or the Nagaland Lotteries Old Results on the Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/@NagalandStateLotteries1

Essential Details Nagaland State Lottery Dear 

The Lottery dear takes place 3 times in a day. It is managed in P.R Hill Junction, Kohima 797001. The director of Nagaland state has control over the whole procedure of lotteries. 

Follow the steps if you win a lucky draw and want to claim your prize money:

  • First, submit a ticket with a copy of your prize claim form.
  • The information must be clear in the ticket and have no damage. 
  • The documents you need are: an official photo ID card and passport-size photographs are required with the form.
  • The officials will not accept moderated and belated tickets.
  • A middle person is hired by the state government to perform all the tasks of distributing the payments among the winners in the interests of state government officials. The prize value is up to Rs. 10,000 IND. 
  • If any participant claims the prize money more than the declared one. Then the request can be submitted to the director, the government of Nagaland state lottery chart, or nodal office in relevant states within 30 days from the withdrawal date. The claim request must have all the documents and a form in an authorized format in an original prize-winning ticket with the signature of a winner only then he could receive the payment within 60 days. 

A Simple Guide to Download Nagaland State Lucky Draw Predictions Today

If you are experiencing this lottery system for the first time. Here the participants need to Follow the simple step-by-step guide to check Nagaland lottery results. 

  • Search for the Nagaland state lottery’s Official page.
  • An option with lottery results will pop up. Click on it.
  • Then look for Nagaland government lottery results in 28.03.2024
  • There will be a link saying the Nagaland state lottery result today. Click on View.
  • Check your lottery number by typing it into the box, the results would be in front of you. 

Khanapara Teer Lottery Sambad Results

Mostly, Assam state lottery Sambad department announce the dear khana para teer results of 3 PM and 4 PM The results after 3 PM to 4 PM publish on the official websites of Assam state Khanapara Teer and shillong teer lottery results. Wait for the khanapara teer lottery results on the official website as it will upload the latest khanapara teer lottery results right after they are announced by the officials.


We have tried to provide all the basic information about Nagaland state lottery fax. People invest money in many businesses where they have no confirmation of earning from it or losing. Let’s spend Rs.6 in Nagaland state lotteries and wait for the lottery results. The lottery has different timings and the Draw names are accordingly. To participate in this game of chance, follow the above-given guide and wait for it. It is available to limited states in India and banned in others. It is a government-owned lottery system so there is no doubt about it. We learn from taking chances.


Those who trust Nagaland’s money-raising plan. Buy tickets randomly and try your luck to win 1 CR.

Well, the distributor is hired by the government official to send money to the winner. You can also claim it with the original winning ticket and other original documents.

It is a gambling-type lottery system in which you buy a ticket of Rs 6 and in return, you can get 1 Cr if you win.

The lottery ticket can be purchased from the offline retail store as the government doesn’t sell it online.

Keep trying your luck. Buy daily Nagaland lottery tickets and one day you will win

There are serial numbers mentioned with every prize money. Relate your ticket/serial number to check the results.

The highest price you can win is 1 Crore.