Bhutan Lottery Information 2024

Multiple money-making schemes are revolving around the globe. For sure, all of them must not be applicable But, these games bring ease for the public. So, nothing wrong in considering Bhutan Lottery &  Nagaland state lucky draws, a top ones, it is a money-raising scheme in India that is among the honest number games around the world. Seeing its popularity and success, many other states and countries also adopt this concept. Bhutan State lottery is one of them and has gathered people’s attention towards it because it is not just a money making game but also a source of fun, entertainment, and about fate.

It is a big source of a change in lifestyyle for the public in Bhutan and if you are a resident and looking for the details about the Bhutan lottery limited, we may help you. This Lottery is an all-rounder with multiple daily lucky draws. More chance to win a heavy cash amount. Held 11:55 AM, 4 PM and 8 PM Daily. The Result details are available on the Bhutan state Lottery Results 24.02.2024 Page.

Stay with us and explore further the Bhutan lottery, other schemes, prizes, the procedure of downloading, and how to claim your prize. 

First Domestic Monthly Lottery by BLL (Bhutan Lottery Limited)

Bhutan lottery system faced a dissolution in 2011 but the creators raised it out once again. The Bhutan state lottery game is the result of hard work by Bhutan’s prime minister, Lyonchen Teshering Tobgay. PHUENSUM DHARIM is Bhutan lottery limited first monthly paper lottery, introduce on 3rd November 2016. Welcome to Bhutan Lottery, it is a popular, an implementable money-making game favored by its respected officials, the Ministry of Finance. Finance Secretary and other politicians. The First draw took place in BLL office in Phuentsholing on 30th November 2016. 

After its fame, BLL has come up with various lottery schemes including a weekly lottery, and an immediate scratch card game, BLL wants to expand this number game outside the market of Bhutan. As India was the base of this lottery game, it expanded upon the instructions of the Royal Government of Bhutan. This step proved to be the successful one, it showed that this project can be a powerful business scheme. These trustable schemes were profitable to the common man and helpful for the government to produce good income. It is advantageous in many sectors from health, education, and entertainment to sports. Lottery scheme expansion around the country could play a visible role in providing job opportunities to youngsters. 

Bhutan Lottery & Other Games 

Well, the Bhutan lottery is available for both the rich and the common man. Apart from the lucky draw games, it has multiple amusements for the audience in which you may win good prize money. Bhutan is an independent country in which its officials own authentic number games. 

Let’s talk about other games.

Special Tshe-Jur Bumper

Ttry your luck in The Jur Bumper, as it has a jackpot prize for its contributors that is up to 3,000,000. To grab this big prize money, just choose a number from 1000 to 29,999.  To contribute to this lottery,  just pay Nu.300.

Super Saya Bumper Scheme 

It comes with different criteria. It held in 3 series A, B, C. The players can choose the number between 10,000 to 29,999. Wait for the outcomes and check whether the ticket number gets matched with the final drawn number in order. If yes, get ready to receive a cash prize Nu. 3,000,000. The cost price is only Nu.300.

Phuensum Mid Dharim

This lottery scheme remembers about the Fortnight Lottery scheme. The players can try this lucky draw every 15th day. It is a popular and one of the most played games in the Bhutan lottery that just cost Nu.40 per ticket. In this game, the participant can win upto huge prize money Nu. 5 lakhs. 

Thuensum Scratch Scheme 

Scratching card games are one of the most common games. It is an easy gameplay in which the individual has just to purchase a scratch ticket and check whether it matches the lottery number results or not. If yes, then the lucky ones can get the prize of Nu.3,000,000 overnight. 

Phuensum Dharim Scheme 

The Phuensum Dharim scheme is quite different from the Phuensum Mid scheme. This gameplay has 200 lottery coupons named A, B, C, and D. The cash prize is the same and the Bhutan lottery result winner can win Nu. 3,000,000. Although, the pass price is just Nu.50.

Bhutan Online Lottery In India 

As we know, the lottery system is banned in almost 9 states in India. The Bhutanese lottery was also one of them as in 2011, the Bhutanese lottery system got banned in India because the Kerala state government appeals for irregularities and allegations. 

After some time. When the People’s democratic party won the election in 2011. They appeal to the government of India and they resume the sale of the Bhutanese lottery.

Add to your cash with Bhutan Lottery 

If we can add cash to our account legitimately then why not trying Bhutan lottery scheme is a state-run lottery scheme. It invites all people to make an effort to raise money. 

We agree that instant money-making games refer to gambling, so it is a gambling type of lucky draw, but don’t worry it is totaly lawful game around Bhutan. Although, Winning money of Nu.3,00,000 or losing your coupon price of at least Nu.50 is all about your luck.

Bhutan State Lottery Scheme 

Days 11:55 AM ( Morning )4 PM ( Day )8 PM ( Night )
Monday Kanchenjunga Nalla Neram Kanchenjunga Super Kanchenjunga Queen  
Tuesday Kanchenjunga Kumaran Kanchenjunga Deluxe Kanchenjunga Star 
Wednesday Kanchenjunga Vishnu Kanchenjunga Rose Kanchenjunga King 
Thursday Kanchenjunga Thangam Kanchenjunga Sincere Kanchenjunga Lucky  
Friday Kanchenjunga Parrot Kanchenjunga Silver Kanchenjunga Glamour  
Saturday Kanchenjunga Peacock Kanchenjunga Gender Kanchenjunga Venus  
SundayKanchenjunga Bulbul Kanchenjunga Benefit Kanchenjunga Power

Important Note:  

These Kanchenjunga game plays are not attended by the officials. So, these number games create confusion among the official ones, but, nothing wrong in saying that, they are equally famous and most played like the official Bhutan lottery games. 


An introduction to the  Bhutan Lottery is no less than a public gift at a lower price. We have discussed the base, background, and multiple lottery schemes in Bhutan. After reading the full description you must be desperate to purchase a lottery past and see what it kept for you. You can participate in any of the schemes available in India. But remember, the draw price depends on the bought coupon. If you invest for the highest prize, then you would win a high prize money in return.


The purpose of the Bhutan lottery is to raise the living standards of the poor.

Bhutan lottery is the result of hard work done by government officials including the prime minister, finance monster, and other authorities.

The pupils have to spend Nu. 50 to participate in the Phuensum lottery.

Yes, lottery tickets can be bought online but buying them from a reliable source is an advantage.

The First Domestic Monthly lottery was introduced on 3rd November 2016.