Bodoland Lotteries Results 24.02.2024

Find out the latest results of Bodoland Lotteries around India. We provide Bodoland lotteries results on time, The users can take accurate results of the lucky draw scheme they have contributed in. A bunch of results are uploaded on the official website of the Nagaland state. Yes, the Nagaland Lotteries is the hub of lottery schemes and most people trust it because of its accuracy and truthfulness.

The lottery schemes are allowed in a few states by the Supreme Court and banned in many also. However,  we are concerned with the people of Bodoland. Clear your confusion and get answers for all the questions by reading the whole description of Bodoland lotteries. 

View all latest declared and old results of Bodoland lotteries on our webpage with the exact timings, dates, and applying process and claiming money..

Get 3 PM ₹ Latest Results
Bodoland State Lottery Live Draw 3 PM Results 18.02.2024
Bodoland State Lottery Live Draw 3 PM Results 18.02.2024
Bodoland State Lottery Live Draw 3 PM Results 18.02.2024

Bodoland State & Bodoland Lotteries: History 

Assam state lottery is known as the Bodoland lottery. The state of Assam plays a vital role in the procedure of lottery Sambad. Assam state is among the northern states in India. The state is located in the south of the eastern Himalayas, surrounded by the valleys of Brahmaputra and Barudi. Its southern borders are connected with Bangladesh, Nagaland and Manipur are in the southeast while Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh are in the north. 

The lucky draw scheme in Assam state follows the registration act 13111. Bodoland Assam lotteries started its operations about 3 years ago on the orders of the supreme court. After this order, Assam state never delayed the organization of the lottery and then the Assam state lottery was named as Bodo Lottery. 

Make Money With Bodoland Lotteries 

In this era of poverty and unemployment people look for the money making shortcuts but all of them can not be trusted. In this scenario, bodoland lotteries can be trusted and these government-allowed lotteries are helping people. Buy a ticket for the Bodoland assam lotteries and try your fate

There are various Bodoland lotteries results today that have been introduced under the name Bodo Lottery. Let’s have a look at them:

Assam State Lottery: Bodoland Lotteries 

Assam state lottery is an accessible shortcut to win huge cash in a while.. People prefer trying the Assam state lottery and the big reason is its cheap ticket price. Yes, it just charges Rs. 2. Payout Rs. 2 and marks your name in the Lucky Draw list. Get latest update about the results.

Thangam Nallaneram Live Bodoland Lottery 

Those who take part in Bodoland lotteries can check the results from the link mentioned above. This website is updated on time with all the required information about Thangam Nallaneram Live Bodoland. Plus, you can also watch a live draw to know the exact results of the Thangam Nallaneram Live Bodoland Lottery.

Sunday Thangam Nalla Neram Effort Sunday
Monday Thangam Nalla Neram Luck Monday
Tuesday Thangam Nallaneram Chance Tuesday 
Wednesday Thangam Nallaneram Perl Wednesday 
Thursday Thangam Nallaneram Game Thursday 
Friday Thangam Nallaneram Char, Friday
Saturday Thangam Nallaneram Skill Saturday 

Bodoland Lottery Kumaran Vishnu Live 

Check Bodoland Lottery Kumaran Vishnu Live results. Our team deliver the results on time. The officinever got late and the players didn’t have to wait to see the results on our website about any lucky draw in the Bodoland lottery.

Sunday Kumaran Vishnu Thunder Sunday 
Monday Kumaran Vishnu Sun Monday 
Tuesday Kumaran Vishnu Moon Tuesday 
Wednesday Kumaran Vishnu Star Wednesday 
Thursday Kumaran Vishnu Fire Thursday 
Friday Kumaran Vishnu Storm Friday 
Saturday Kumaran Vishnu Wave Saturday 

Bodoland Lottery Rosa Deer Live Results 

The officials of Bodoland lottery announce live results online. To check Bodoland Lottery Rosa Deer Live Results remember your ticket number and hope it matches with the numbers announced in the winning list. 

Sunday Bodoland Rosa Deer Silver Sunday 
Monday Bodoland Rosa Deer Royal Monday 
Tuesday Bodoland Rosa Deer Super Tuesday 
Wednesday Bodoland Rosa Deer Perl Wednesday 
Thursday Bodoland Rosa Deer Platinum Thursday 
Friday Bodoland Rosa Deer Gold Friday 
Saturday Bodoland Rosa Deer Diamond Saturday 

Bodoland Lottery Singam Kuil Live Today 

Did you take part in the Singam Kuil lottery? Be with us to get updates about the Bodoland Lottery Singam Kuil Live Today. we are one of those websites that declare the results right after 15 minutes of the official announcement.

Sunday Bodoland Singam kuil Blue Sunday
Monday Bodoland Singam kuil Yellow Monday
Tuesday Bodoland Singam kuil Green Tuesday 
Wednesday Bodoland Singam kuil Red Wednesday 
Thursday Bodoland Singam kuil Violet Thursday 
Friday Bodoland Singam kuil Orange Friday 
Saturday Bodoland Singam kuil White Saturday 

Bodoland Lottery Swarnalaxmi Results 

The lucky draw of Swarnalaxmi is here on our website. If you want to check the outcomes. Stay here and hope your dream comes true to get the first prize. We stay connected with the live draw results so checking our website at the time of results would be the same as watching the lucky draw.

Sunday Swarnalaxmi Ruby Sunday 
Monday Swarnalaxmi Perl Monday 
Tuesday Swarnalaxmi Coral Tuesday 
Wednesday Swarnalaxmi Emerald Wednesday 
ThursdaySwarnalaxmi Silver Thursday 
Friday Swarnalaxmi Diamond Friday 
Saturday Swarnalaxmi Gold Saturday 

Bodoland Lottery Old Results at 3 PM

Get the results of Bodoland lotteries of various times. It is a popular lottery scheme and millions of applicants take part in it. Bodoland Lotteries old results can be much helpful to recheck the daily lotteries. Plus, it is a chance for those who forgot to check the results on time. So go to the Youtube channel to get Bodoland Lottery Results

Bodoland Lotteries Day Results 

Bodoland lotteries helds 1 time a day, 3 PM owns the details of all the day’s results. We update the website after the announcement from the government. Wait for 15 minutes because we update the results after 15 minutes of the announcement.

Detailed Information Of Bodoland Lotteries 

Lottery Titles Assam State Lottery 
Draw Name Singam Kuil, Rosa Deer, Thangam Nallaneram,
Kumaran Vishnu, Mani, Viram,
Lion Draw result.
First Prize Around Rs. 1,00,00,000
Result Date24.02.2024
Result Time3 PM
 Result StatusAvailable 

Assam State Prize Details 

1st PrizeRs. 50,000/-
2nd Prize Rs. 7000/-
3rd PrizeRs. 3,500/-
4th Prize Rs. 200/-
5th Prize Rs. 100/-
6th Prize Rs. 50/-
Informational Guide To Download/check Bodoland Lottery Results 

Grab the official website of Bodoland Lottery to reach the actual website at once. Then find the lottery name to which you have applied. ( the draw names are according to the weekdays )

The link for the results at 3 PM is here in an image, click on it to download Bodoland lottery Results and verify your ticket number in the winner’s list.

Guide On Claiming Bodoland Lottery Prize

Well, Assam state Bodoland lottery results are now here. The lottery scheme is a step-by-step procedure. We have talked about the process as a whole from beginning to end.

The claiming process varies from prizes, and where to contact to get your amount. Let’s see the process:

  • Buy a prize-claiming form from a reliable shop or retailer.
  • Fill it out and attach the useful documents with the prize.
  • Submit to the under-described department according to the prize money.
  • If you win a cash amount up to Rs. 1 lakh, go to the district lottery offices department.
  • If the amount is above 1 lakh, then take help from the director of the state lotteries department.
  • If your winning amount is around Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 20 lakhs, then the deputy director department will help you out.
  • If you luckily win the Rs. 20 Lakh then go nowhere else and contact the director department.

Bodoland Lotteries is helping mankind, it has no discrimination and embraces people from all standards. Those who believe in fate and have tried other local lottery schemes must turn their heads to the Assam state lottery. We have discussed almost all the aspects of this valuable lottery project including the history of Bodoland state, the available games and lucky draws, the application process, how to download results and also how you can get your prize. Stay with us for more updates about any lottery scheme in India. 


The actual data of the Bodoland lottery is available on the official webpage as other websites just copy the information announced by the officials

The official timing of the result announcement is, 3 PM.

The second prize is Rs. 7,000.

Yes, Bodoland lotteries are one of the legal states in India, and the participants have to face no issues.

The hired officials would help you to get your money.