Dhankesari Today Result 24.02.2024

This website brins dhankesari Today results for the lottery buyers. This lottery type has got much fame in India because of its big prize money. 

Our webpage contain latest dhankesari today result. Here you will get details for the lottery system including process, tax deduction, prize claim criteria.

The ratio of Dhankesari lottery ticket buyers are increased. We have talked about lottery systems such as the Nagaland state lotteries, and Kerala lottery result today. Sikkim state lottery, Mizoram state lottery, and many more. Today, Dhankesari lottery today results held at different times of the day. At 1 PM, 6 PM, and 8 PM. Be here for further updates about rapidly growing Dhankesari lottery system around India. 

This blog contains whole information about the Dhankesari lottery Sambad today result. If you are a  Dhankesari lottery buyer, stay with us to know everything about it. 

Dhankesari Today Result

Find out the Dhankesari today result.

Dhankesari lottery result today is announced at the exact given time but it is published on websites after 15 minutes. It means if you are looking for the 1 PM results, it will be displayed on this website at 1:10 PM. The live streaming of the lucky draw makes it more reliable and trustable to the players. They can watch the live draw on any social media platform like youtube. If not, then stay with us and download the results in an image from this webpage at 1:15 PM. 

Details Dhankesari Today Result

Dhankesari Lottery State West Bengal, Nagaland 
Dhankesari Lottery Result 1 PMDear Tender Morning 
Dhankesari lottery result 6 PMDear Bangabhumi Ajay
Dhankesari lottery result 8 PMDear Vulture Evening 
Dhankesari Draw time 1 PM, 6 PM, 8 PM
Category of Lottery Dhankesari lottery Sambad 
Dhankesari highest PrizeRs. 1 Cr
1 PM ₹
6 PM ₹
8 PM ₹
Nagaland State Lottery Live Draw 1 PM Results 24.02.2024
Nagaland State Lottery Live Draw 6 PM Results 24.02.2024
Nagaland State Lottery Live Draw 8 PM Results 22.02.2024

Dhankesari Yesterday Result Today

The officials provide results as fast as possible. We update the latest outcomes. Moreover, previous results are quite difficult to find anywhere else. but we are providing them on our youtube channel

Importance Of Dhankesari Lottery In India 

This lottery system stands as the best option for the middle class people as they can fulfill all their dreams. Specially, these people search for shortcuts and gamble to earn huge prize money but all of those options are not valid. However, government officials have introduced a lottery system that could be under their cap and are free of doubts. Applying for it can make your chance to win as compared to not participating. Don’t get late to check what it brings to you. It is a scheme for all the people within the related state.

Participating in Dhankesari lottery scheme is accessible to everyone, its cheap ticket price is the main reason. You just need to spend Rs. 6 and name yourself on the list. Participating in the Dhankesari lottery scheme is a golden chance to prosper.

Moreover, these lottery systems not only help humanity financially but also a source of hope, entertainment, and inspiration for them. Plus, the collected cash is also used for social purposes as many of the welfare institutions and charity programs are taking benefit from it. The factors involved in the state’s development such as infrastructure, education, healthcare facilities, etc are also run with these funds. 

Dhankesari Lottery Live

The Dhankesari lottery is played around India. It’s fair draw system and impartial results open doors for everyone to win huge cash. The ticket buyers can watch live results on the social media platform specially on youtube at a particular timetable.

Prize Details 

1st PrizeRs. 26 Lakh
2nd PrizeRs. 9,000
3rd PrizeRs. 500
4th PrizeRs. 250
5th PrizeRs. 120
Cons. PrizeRs. 1000

The lottery coupon prize depends on the ticket you bought. Here you will get all the details regarding the ticket prize, and results announcement.

Impartiality & Credibility 

When we talk about making money shortcuts or schemes, Mostof them are fake and unreliable. That’s the reason, officially based lottery schemes are created to offer an opportunity to raise money. The Dhankesari lottery scheme is totally based on fairness, accuracy, and trustworthiness, therefore, a great increase is seen in the number of Dhankesari lottery buyers.

The officials require the personal information of the lottery winners but they ensure the security & privacy. So, don’t worry your data is in secure hands. 

Lucky Numbers In Dhankesari Lottery Result Today

Here lucky number are those that appear commonly in the daily lucky draw. They are called lucky numbers because there are more chances to be drawn again. kep checking the previously won numbers

We publish the results on a daily basis and check them regularly to check the winning number. This trick may help you to be on the winning list. 

Payment Options For Claiming Dhankesari Cash Prize 

The payment options depend on the type of Lottery scheme. The Dhankesari lottery has several payment methods. Some of the common methods are: 

  • In-person Claim: The winner can contact the Dhankesari lottery officials. Contact them with your ID & the winning ticket as proof. The payment will be in cash or cheque.
  • For the big amount, Bank Transfer would be preferred. For this, they need your bank account details for payment transfer.
  • Sometimes, the winners have to claim their prize Via Post. In this process, you need to send the ticket coupon with the required documents to the Dhankesari office. The payment will be transferred via cheque or bank. 
  • For many buyers, the Online process is quite easy. They can claim it by logging in to their Dhankesari lottery website. And follow the procedure to reach your destination. 

Important Note

The payment procedure also depends on the particular lottery game and cash prize. Read out all the terms & conditions and follow the correct instructions. 

Prize claiming Process for the Non-Resident 

Those who are not living in Dhankesari state but still have participated in the announced lucky draw and they win also. Now the question raises, what is the procedure to claim the prize money?

In this case, make sure that you are living in the state where it is allowed by the government. If yes, then grab the prize claiming form from the official website of Dhankesari state and fill it out. 

The official needs a duly filled form, with a buyer’s signature. Attach a copy of a winning ticket and valid photo ID proof. All the documents must be approved by a gazetted officer. 

Collect all the needed papers and deliver them to the authorities by post. The post address is available on the official website of Dhankesari lottery today result.

When the government approves a request for the prize claiming. Then the applicant can get all his awarded money.. 

The individual has to pay extra bank charges and taxes. 

Dhankesari Today Result: Rules & Regulations 

There are a few terms and conditions that must be fulfilled before applying for the Dhankesari lottery Sambad. 

Age Limit:

A lottery ticket is available for people of 18 years or more.

Conditions of Ticket Purchasing:

It is necessary to buy tickets from the retailer or hired agent to ensure the ticket’s reliability.

Prize Claim Duration:

The officials have specified the prize claiming time, the winner has to take it within it. The process also depends on the winning amount and state rules. 

Applied Taxes:

The government has implemented taxes on the winning cash amount. You have to pay them if you win. 


As the lottery is banned in many states so must double-check that is it allowed in your state or not. 


In case of any misunderstandings or controversies, the matter will be resolved under state laws. 

Applicable Taxes On Dhankesari Lottery 

The applied taxes vary from amount to amount. For instance, if you win a prize amount of 10,000 or more, the TDS will be 30%. Moreover, income tax laws of the state will also be applied. 


An increase in the number of players in Dhankesari Today Result is due to its reliability and credibility that people suggest playing it to change their life within a few moments. We have given all the possible details about Dhankesari lottery result today, its timing, cash amount, terms and conditions, and application procedure. The visitors are suggested to stay with us to get updates about the latest results and news. Contact us for any queries!


Dhankesari lottery is a famous lucky draw scheme created for people from all the standards that are organized by Nagaland state management.

Yes, it relates to Nagaland state lotteries and both have the same timings.

To find out accurate Dhankesari results and at the exact time, bookmark our website as we publish results on time.

We don’t only provide the latest results on time but for the ease of our visitors, we have previous outcomes as well.

Dhankesari lottery is available for the residents of the state. The people out of the states can not buy it.