Fruit Picking Jobs in New Zealand for Foreigners 2024

Fruit Picking Jobs in New Zealand for Foreigners 2024


  1. Introduction
  • Overview of fruit picking jobs in New Zealand
  • Why New Zealand is a great destination for seasonal work
  1. The Appeal of Fruit Picking Jobs
  • Benefits of working as a fruit picker
  • Experiences and skills gained
  1. Eligibility and Requirements
  • Who can apply for fruit picking jobs
  • Necessary documents and visas
  1. Popular Regions for Fruit Picking
  • North Island hotspots
  • South Island destinations
  1. Types of Fruits and Picking Seasons
  • Apples and pears
  • Berries
  • Kiwifruit
  • Other fruits
  1. Finding Fruit Picking Jobs
  • Online job boards
  • Recruitment agencies
  • Social media and community groups
  1. Applying for Jobs
  • Crafting a compelling CV
  • Writing an effective cover letter
  • Interview tips
  1. Work Conditions and Expectations
  • Typical workday for a fruit picker
  • Physical demands and challenges
  • Workplace safety
  1. Pay and Benefits
  • Average wages
  • Overtime and bonuses
  • Accommodation and other perks
  1. Living in New Zealand as a Seasonal Worker
    • Cost of living
    • Housing options
    • Transportation
  2. Cultural Experience
    • Meeting locals and other workers
    • Exploring New Zealand during time off
  3. Challenges and How to Overcome Them
    • Common issues faced by foreign workers
    • Tips for adapting to the work and culture
  4. Legal Rights and Protections
    • Worker rights in New Zealand
    • Resources for help and advice
  5. Success Stories
    • Testimonials from past workers
    • How fruit picking has impacted their lives
  6. Conclusion
    • Recap of opportunities and benefits
    • Encouragement to consider fruit picking jobs
  7. FAQs
    • What is the best time to apply for fruit picking jobs in New Zealand?
    • Do I need previous experience to work as a fruit picker?
    • How long can I stay and work in New Zealand?
    • What should I pack for a fruit picking job?
    • Can I travel around New Zealand while working?

Fruit Picking Jobs in New Zealand for Foreigners 2024


Fruit Picking Jobs in New Zealand for Foreigners 2024. Are you looking for an adventure that combines work with travel? Fruit picking jobs in New Zealand might just be the perfect opportunity for you. This stunning country offers not only breathtaking landscapes but also numerous seasonal job opportunities that attract thousands of foreigners each year. Whether you’re on a gap year, looking to make some extra money, or simply wanting to experience life in a different part of the world, New Zealand’s fruit picking jobs offer an ideal blend of hard work and exploration.’

Job Details

  • Country Name: New Zealand
  • Job type:  Fruit Picking Job
  • Experience Required: No
  • Knowledge Required: No
  • Age Limit: Minimum 25 Years
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes

The Appeal of Fruit Picking Jobs

Why are fruit picking jobs so popular among foreigners? For starters, they offer a chance to work outdoors in some of the most beautiful settings imaginable. Imagine spending your days under the sun, surrounded by orchards and vineyards, with the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. Plus, these jobs often come with flexible schedules, allowing you to take time off to travel and explore New Zealand’s diverse regions.

Beyond the scenic allure, working as a fruit picker can also be incredibly rewarding. You’ll develop new skills, such as teamwork, time management, and physical endurance. These experiences can enhance your resume and provide personal growth, making it a win-win situation.

Eligibility and Requirements

Who can apply for these jobs? Generally, anyone over the age of 18 who is eligible to work in New Zealand can apply. However, there are a few key documents you’ll need:

  • Working Holiday Visa: This is the most common visa for foreign fruit pickers. It’s available to people from many countries and typically allows you to stay and work for up to 12 months.
  • IRD Number: This is a tax identification number that you’ll need to work legally in New Zealand.
  • Bank Account: Employers will require a local bank account to deposit your wages.

Popular Regions for Fruit Picking

New Zealand is divided into two main islands, both offering fantastic fruit picking opportunities.

North Island Hotspots

  • Hawke’s Bay: Known for its apple orchards, this region offers plenty of jobs during the peak season.
  • Bay of Plenty: Famous for its kiwifruit, this area is bustling with activity during the picking months.

South Island Destinations

  • Marlborough: Renowned for its vineyards, you’ll find numerous grape picking and winery jobs here.
  • Central Otago: This region offers a variety of fruit picking jobs, including cherries, apricots, and plums.

Types of Fruits and Picking Seasons

Different fruits have different picking seasons, so the type of job you can get depends on when you arrive.

Apples and Pears

  • Season: February to May
  • Regions: Hawke’s Bay, Nelson


  • Season: November to March
  • Regions: Waikato, Canterbury


  • Season: March to June
  • Regions: Bay of Plenty

Other Fruits

  • Cherries, Apricots, Plums: December to February in Central Otago

Finding Fruit Picking Jobs

There are several ways to find fruit picking jobs in New Zealand:

Online Job Boards

Websites like Seasonal Jobs, Work the Seasons, and Backpacker Board list numerous seasonal job opportunities.

Recruitment Agencies

Agencies such as Pick NZ and Agstaff specialize in connecting workers with agricultural jobs.

Social Media and Community Groups

Facebook groups and local community boards often post job openings and provide a platform to connect with other job seekers.

Applying for Jobs

To stand out in the application process, follow these tips:

Crafting a Compelling CV

Highlight any previous work experience, particularly any physical or outdoor work. Emphasize your reliability, teamwork, and work ethic.

Writing an Effective Cover Letter

Keep it brief but enthusiastic. Mention why you’re interested in fruit picking and what makes you a great candidate.

Interview Tips

  • Be punctual and dress appropriately.
  • Show enthusiasm and a willingness to learn.
  • Ask questions about the job and the team you’ll be working with.

Work Conditions and Expectations

A typical workday for a fruit picker starts early, around sunrise, and involves long hours of physical labor. It’s important to be prepared for the physical demands, which include bending, lifting, and standing for extended periods.

Physical Demands and Challenges

Fruit picking is physically demanding. Staying fit and hydrated, wearing appropriate clothing, and taking care of your body are crucial.

Workplace Safety

Employers provide safety training and equipment. Always follow safety protocols to prevent injuries.

Pay and Benefits

Wages for fruit picking jobs vary depending on the region, type of fruit, and your employer. On average, you can expect to earn between NZD 18 to 25 per hour. Some employers offer bonuses for high productivity or overtime work.

Accommodation and Other Perks

Many employers provide or help arrange accommodation, often at a reduced rate. Additional perks might include transport to and from the worksite and access to communal facilities.

Living in New Zealand as a Seasonal Worker

Cost of Living

While the cost of living in New Zealand can be high, especially in major cities, seasonal workers often stay in more affordable rural areas. Budgeting for food, transport, and occasional leisure activities is essential.

Housing Options

Options range from hostels and shared accommodations to on-site housing provided by employers. It’s advisable to arrange housing in advance or inquire about accommodation options when applying for jobs.


Public transport in rural areas can be limited, so having a car or arranging carpooling with other workers can be beneficial.

Cultural Experience

Working as a fruit picker in New Zealand offers a unique cultural experience. You’ll interact with locals and fellow workers from around the world, creating a vibrant and diverse work environment.

Exploring New Zealand During Time Off

New Zealand is renowned for its outdoor activities, from hiking and surfing to exploring vibrant cities like Auckland and Wellington. Make the most of your time off to experience the country’s natural beauty and cultural landmarks.

Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Adapting to a new country and job can be challenging. Common issues include homesickness, language barriers, and adjusting to the physical demands of the job. Staying connected with family and friends, joining social groups, and maintaining a positive attitude can help you overcome these challenges.

Legal Rights and Protections

Foreign workers in New Zealand have the same rights as local workers. This includes fair wages, safe working conditions, and the right to join a union. If you encounter any issues, resources like the Citizens Advice Bureau and Employment New Zealand can provide assistance.

Success Stories

Many past workers have found fruit picking in New Zealand to be a life-changing experience. Testimonials often highlight the friendships made, the skills gained, and the adventures had. For some, it’s a stepping stone to further travel or permanent work opportunities in New Zealand.


Fruit picking jobs in New Zealand offer an incredible opportunity for foreigners to experience the country while earning money and meeting new people. Whether you’re looking for

a short-term adventure or a way to fund your travels, the benefits and experiences gained from this work are invaluable. So, pack your bags, grab your visa, and get ready for an unforgettable journey in the land of the long white cloud.


1. What is the best time to apply for fruit picking jobs in New Zealand?
The best time to apply is a few months before the picking season begins, typically between October and January.

2. Do I need previous experience to work as a fruit picker?
No, previous experience is not necessary. Employers provide training for new workers.

3. How long can I stay and work in New Zealand?
With a Working Holiday Visa, you can stay and work for up to 12 months.

4. What should I pack for a fruit picking job?
Pack comfortable, durable clothing, a hat, sunscreen, sturdy shoes, and a reusable water bottle.

5. Can I travel around New Zealand while working?
Yes, many workers travel around the country during their time off or between picking seasons.

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