Kerala State Lottery Results Today 24.02.2024

The page is updated with all the lucky draw results announced in India. We try to display the results to the lottery gamers as soon as possible. This page bring information for Kerala state lottery results today. 

The Kerala state lottery results are available here after the 15 minutes of official announcement. The results are here in image form and live draw held also

Karunya Plus is among the famous lottery schemes held in seven monthly lotteries. It takes place at 3 PM. The users watch Alphamerical code to identify the lotteries.. And its unique names help in easy identification. It can be the lucky day for the players or they may have to wait for the upcoming lotteries to participate in. The process to participate in the Kerala lottery scheme is the same as other lotteries. Enlist your name to the participant’s name by buying a ticket. Wait for the draw for further procedure. Let’s know about it. 

Kerala State Lottery Results Today : Introduction

The launch of Kerala state lottery in India has proved to be a great step for the people of the state. The government took step to begin kerala lottery over 54 years ago and Kerala state lottery was introduced back in 1967. The finance minister play an important role in endorsing the idea, at the end, the lottery department of the government of Kerala took all the responsibility for its management. The functions of this lucky draw system are almost the same as Nagaland State Lotteries. The state’s government officials own this. It was the first lottery kind in India, then other states also followed it and launched lottery schemes. 

Kerala State Results Today. : Procedure 

As the government took control over the whole lottery system, and this thing leaves a good impact on the people about the lucky draw scheme & today lottery result. The process is easy to understand, the lucky draw is based on the numbers picked randomly. The participant buys a ticket, mentions his name and address and sign on its back. That’s how you can be on the participants’ list. The winning amount depends on Various ticket positions and lucky draws. We have mentioned them in the table given above. So try your luck you could be the winner. 

Buying Tickets for Kerala Weekly/Monthly Lottery

The players look for the easy process so they buy the tickets online to add themselves to the lottery list. But, these things don’t go with Kerala state lottery as the legal authorities banned the online sale and if anyone buys it, will get punishment. We don’t recommend those kinds of activities.

The lucky draw authorities have almost 35,000 registered lottery agents and 1,00,000 retailers for selling tickets take help from those to run it according to the law. 

Lottery Titles Day Of Draw First Prize Ticket Price
Fifty Fifty FF Every Sunday 1,00,00,00050
Win-Win Every Monday75,00,00040
Sthree Sakthi Every Tuesday 75,00,00040
Akshaya Every Wednesday70,00,00040
Karunya PlusEvery Thursday80,00,00040
Nirmal Every Friday70,00,00040
Karunya Every Saturday 80,00,00040

Kerala Weekly Result Today Draw Names 

Monday Win-Win Lottery 
Tuesday Sthree Sakthi Lottery 
Wednesday Akshaya Lottery 
Thursday Karunya Plus Lottery 
Friday Nirmal Lottery 
Saturday Karunya Lottery 
Sunday Fifty Fifty FF Lottery 

Kerala Lottery Result Today

The blog is designed for the contributors of the Saturday,24.02.2024 participants. For a lucky weekly Kerala lottery, the result time announcement is 3:05 PM based on the lottery game

Our daily Result Status, Lucky draw winner names, and other result information is based on the weekly lucky draw games.

Kerala Lottery Live Result Today

Watching The live lucky draw is charming for the participants. They excitedly watch the live streaming. For their ease, various channels cover live streaming such as Kairali TV, Kaumudy TV, and Jai Hindi TV. The daily draw timing is 2:55 PM  but when the officials have to declare various draw results, it starts at 2 PM. It definitely requires teamwork so the government has made departments. The live telecast is covered by the Center for Development of imaging technology.

Kerala Karunya Plus KN 473 Lottery Result Live 

It must be great news for the ticket buyers of Kerala Karunya KN 473 lottery. The lucky draw officials declared the results of Karunya plus KN 473 in the interest of the Kerala government. Today, kerala KN 473 Lottery results will be announced at Gorky Bhavan Near the bakery junction in Thiruvananthapuram. 

A huge number of people join the Kerala lottery result today on a daily basis so to manage the application process and results, the lottery department has divided it into 12 series that can be changed also. Every week, more than 108 lakh people buy tickets and the lucky winner would get the maximum amount of 80 lakhs. 

Prize List Of Karunya Plus KN 473

Rank Amount in Rs.

1st Prize80,00,000 
Consolation prize 80,000
2nd Prize10,00,000
3rd Prize 1,00,000
4th Prize 5,000
5th Prize1,000
6th Prize500
7th Prize 100

Kerala State Lottery: Motive 

The creation of the Kerala lucky draw also provide job chances to youngsters as these schemes need to hire a huge staff such as agents, retailers and cashiers, etc. Plus, the government opens doors for economic stability by collecting cash. It doesn’t change the individual’s life but a race. Moreover, a heavy cash amount is utilized by the government in social works, donations, charities, etc.

Check/Save Kerala Lottery Results of today

Follow the step-wise instructions to the latest declared Kerala Lottery Results of today.

  • Visit the official network of the Kerala lottery scheme, only there you can get an exact winning numbers list.
  • There you will see a navigation menu, tap the lottery name you want to check results for.
  • Clicking on the desired lottery name will open up a new page containing related results.
  • Search for your ticket number there.

Detail Information to claim Prize for Kerala Lottery Jackpot Result Today 

Watching your name on the winning list or hearing that your ticket number is available on the winning list would be an exciting. But, the question arises, how can you claim it, and where to contact to get the prize money as soon as possible? 

Here we have a list of the department officials that will help you to take your prize according to the amount won. 

  • If you win 5000 rupees or below amount: Ticket agents or lottery staff may help you.
  • If the winning amount is 1 Lakh or below: Contact the department of district lottery office.
  • When the prize is 1 lakh or below ( in other states ): Go to the department of directorate 
  • In case you win the prize of 1 lakh or above then this: Contact nowhere else than the Department of Director of State lottery 
  • If the cash prize is from Rs. 1 lakh to Rs.20 Lakh Rupees: the department of the Deputy Director would assist you.
  • 20 lakhs or above amount: Department of director will guide you.
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  • Kerala Karunya Saturday Lottery Sambad Result

Kerala state lottery results today. is all in the favor of the public. Its multiple lucky draws are giving chances to people from various families. Purchase a ticket and check what it delivers to you. For the first time, you might get the least prize money, but it will encourage you to try once again. This time, your ticket number could be on the top. Then follow the further application procedure.


Lottery is an exciting term, that means a money-making game. The numbers are distributed randomly with the specific prize money. The participant takes the chance of buying a ticket and leaves the rest to his luck.

As the name suggests, an online lottery enables the players to buy tickets online. Moreover, the criteria and results are also computer-based.

No. to avoid cheaters & hackers, the government banned online ticket purchasing on 13th January 2005.

The government has appointed many agents and retailers to sell the tickets to the contributors. 

No, the agents are prohibited to sell the tickets outside the state.