Lottery Sambad Old Results 

Are you interested in contributing to Nagaland’s lottery sambad? Have you ever tried your fate but didn’t get any results or you may forget checking them? If yes, then we can help you out in finding the old results. our youtube page is filled with all lottery results including lottery Sambad old results and we try harder to provide upcoming results as fast as possible. Lottery sambad old results on Youtube channel is available for those who didn’t remember to check old results. Previous results of many states are provided with timings. The latest results for 1 PM, 6 pm, and 8 pm are right here. 

We provide the outcomes timely and the old results on youtube channel are additional. The results are categorized into three parts to make it easy for the visitor to find his own according to the number game. 

Sambad Lottery Old Result: Updates

The youtube page has enough material about the previous outcomes of lottery sambad. We provide all latest results to our regular visitors. so visit our main page for 24.02.2024 for Nagaland lottery perfect outcomes. We have never disappointed our users and informed them about the results. If you are a daily user of this lottery scheme, must subscribe to our lottery sambad old result channel for this, click on the bell icon to get alerts about lottery schemes on a daily basis.  The previous results lists include Sambad morning results, lottery sambad 1 pm, day and sambad night results. 

What is Lottery Sambad?

Lottery Sambad’s name refers to one of the most comprehensible, Indian newspapers that publish the news in Odisha language across Bhubaneswar. Sambad’s lottery Scheme is a ticket-based lottery system, performed in many states in India. The Nagaland lotteries result today system is the base of this powerful project and now West Bengal and Sikkim followed the same concept. As many people take part in this number game, it held 3 times a day. 

Types of Lottery Sambad

There are three types of lottery sambad old results 8 PM Nagaland. Here types mean that the results are announced 3 times a day. Different timings include 

  • Lottery sambad Old Results 1 PM
  • 6 PM dear day Lottery old Results 
  • Lottery sambad old Results 8 PM

How do Search/Download Lottery Sambad Old Results?

You might be one of the users who bought the ticket earlier but forgot to check or download the results on time and when you remember it gets too late to claim your prize if you were the winner. Still, there is a way, the old results can be a helping hand to those buyers. 

On Youtube, you can easily watch your previous results and can claim your prize money with an undamageable ticket. 

This blog will help the participants. Almost all lottery buyers are raising this important question about how to research the old outcomes of the sambad lottery. Plus, how can we download them? It might sound complicated but anyone with a minor knowledge of Google and typing can get the results in no time. 

We are going to mention all three lottery results step by step in detail. It is all up to the user which you want to download. Click on the download button given with the time and further details. When you click on any desired downloading button or date. It will redirect you to the official old results page. And There you can find any lottery results from 1 month ago.

Sambad Old Results 1 PM Morning

The results of the lottery are right here. It is very useful for the dear day lottery ticket holder. Do you have an older ticket but still find the results anywhere? Find them on the youtube channel.

Download/Save Lottery Sambad Old Results Dear Morning

In this world of internet and Google, nothing is complicated even for an illiterate individual, he also just needs little knowledge to search for anything on the internet. Find all the results ( one month ago ) on the youtube channel The results of all the numbers will be in front of you. 

Lottery Sambad Previous Results 6 PM

The old results of Sambad lottery project are available on youtube. If you want to have a look at the 6 Pm Sambad results, go to the youtube channel and reach the old results. Here we brought old results to make everything accessible to our regular visitors. The results are available in an image form.

Download Lottery Sambad Old Results, Dear Day

We honestly provide old results from one month ago. So it is reachable for those who have forgotten to check their results on time. They can claim the prize also. But if you have a ticket one month ago, we can not help you and you need to contact the official site of West Bengal’s old results. Apart from 6 pm old results we also have the results of the 8 pm old lottery sambad page, 1 PM old results also. To do this, download the old results page and if you want the latest one, click on sambad lottery results today. 

Lottery Sambad lucky draw’s Old Results 8 PM

We have old results of lottery sambad. Go to the youtube channel ( link given above ) and look or your desired lottery results

Download Lottery Sambad previous Results dear night

Again, Youtube Channel own the results that have been announced one month ago, as we have listed the links above, so go and check them out. Moreover, If your ticket is older than 1 month, you need to go to the official website.

Our website contains the results of lottery sambad. Plus, today’s results of the lottery are also accessible through this webpage. 


Thousands of people have asked about the lottery sambad old results. But we have made it easier for them to check out one-month-old results on a youtube channel Our team worked hard and gathered data from the official website and showed it to our regular visitors. The rest is all about the actual website as they contain the data more than a month ago. 

These web pages are created to deliver fast results to those who are waiting for us. Errors and omissions are possible also, so if you have any doubts, must recheck the outcomes from the actual website of this big lottery project.


All previous results of lottery sambad are available on the official site.

The validity of our old results is 30 days so other results are not accessible through us.

Yes, all the previous results can be accessed in an image form & you can download it at once.

Yes, we have all older lottery results such as Sikkim state lottery, Nagaland lottery outcomes, West Bengal old results, and sambad old results also.

To check the results of your desired date, just click on the date and get the results in front of you. But, it must be a date between the previous 30 days.