Information About Lottery Sambad Results 2024

The lottery scheme in India are working 24/7. We try to upload the results for our website. Lottery Sambad is a well-known and legal lottery system in India, it is a gambling form of play but a very useful and powerful money-making system at the same time.

We welcome our users who are here for the Sambad lottery result and want the latest updates about it. Lottery Sambad old results for morning, evening, and night. Downloading and receiving cash process is explained with prize list. We will let you know about the lottery Sambad today result that occur 3 times a day at different times. We display results of all the times from 1 PM, 6:00 PM, and  8 PM. 

Lottery Sambad Results: Updates

Tottery Sambad Live is a live-streaming event where the lottery procedure takes place and the results are announced on the spot. Lottery Sambad offered multiple lottery games and the winning numbers are chosen using mechanical and electrical technology. The lucky draw officials own all the procedure and broadcast live results on various social media platforms. 

Anyone can get results Of Lottery Sambad 24.02.2024 on the main page as the results are shown in an image form. This system enables them to confirm their lottery ticket number and claim their prize.

Sambad Lottery Today: A Popular Gameplay 

There are various gameplays in India, but the Sambad lottery has acknowledged its fame among the public, and the reasons behind them are as follows:

  • The winner can win a lot of money by playing the Sambad Lottery game. 
  • Apart from the single lucky draw, the player can contribute to other games also, that’s how the prize-winning chances increased. 
  • Sambad lottery system is available for everyone without any discrimination. The gamer has to buy a coupon from a reliable retailer or online at a cheap price.
  • Sambad lucky draw system is an officially run gaming system.
  • The lottery Sambad lucky draw is an honest and reliable form of gambling. Lottery Sambad Today results are free from partiality and this fairness ensures an equal chance of winning from any walk of life.

How To Check Dear Lottery Sambad Results?

This section must assist the lottery players to check where their destiny takes them. Follow the procedure:

  • Approach the officials of the lottery system to check the appropriate results. 
  • Open the official site and see the result portion available on the webpage.
  • There are three different timings so, choose the exact time you want to check results. 
  • Now you have selected the related day and time, you will see a list of numbers. Check your lottery ticket number against the list of winning prize numbers.
  • If a winning number matches your coupon number, you’re a lucky one. The cash prizes are different in all luckydraw. Confirm everything before claiming for your cash. 

How To Claim Your Cash Prize In Lottery Sambad Old Result?

If you win a prize from any lucky daily event in the dear lottery sambad today. Make sure to claim it within a specific time and that is almost 30 to 90 days from the result date. Follow the simple guide:

  • Keep your coupon safe and secure, as you can never claim your prize if it gets damaged or lost.
  • Open the official webpage of Nagaland state lottery Sambad results and there you will see a prize-claiming form. Fill out the prize claiming form with all asked details. E.g. the individual’s name, phone number, email, bank account details and etc. 
  • Iather all the requested documents such as Id card, passport, Aadhaar card, and PAN card, and attach them to your ticket claim form.
  • Submit your all gathered and filled forms, submit it to the designated claiming office within a limited time period. Moreover, keep a copy of the documents in your record. 
  • Get your cash as soon as possible. the officials will notify you about the prize amount and how and from where you can collect it. 


Lottery Sambad results bring hope and sportsman spirit in an individual. It is not only a matter of winning and losing but it is a way to make fun with, yes, invite your friends to participate in such lottery schemes and wait for the results altogether. May any of you win then treat each other and celebrate your happiness with your loved ones. Its different timings can also help you to choose the time you feel easy and lucky about. Sambad newspaper plays a vital role in displaying results to the waiting members. Plus live streaming creates more charm as you can watch the results all in front of you. 


It is far better to confirm the results on the official websites of the lottery system. The officials are variable on various websites such as,

The live streaming will be available at the exact timings of lottery results and that is 1 PM, 6 PM, and 8 PM.

The live streaming will be aired on the social media platform and especially on Youtube

The participant can win up to 1 Crore in the lottery Sambad scheme.

Open the official website, search for the today/latest results, and then select the timing. It then asks you to download/save the file on your device. Click on it to save.