Information About Lottery Sambad Today 2024

The 2023 year can be a lucky year for the lottery participants. Buy a ticket that is very cheap in price. The money-raising game has other lucky draw games, played on a daily basis. The daily updates for lottery sambad today are updated right after the official announcement. while other schemes are: Dhankesri, west bengal and Sikkim, etc are here.

We publish Sambad Today result of the 1 PM, 6 PM, and 8 PM. However, those who take part in this lottery, wait for the results and reach us to check the results. Here we provide all the results for Nagaland state lotto result for the people around India.

This lottery system is open for everyone within the state, so anyone can take part in it. For this, the contributors need daily updates and we help in it. Although, we inform the audience about all today’s results including latest lottery Sambad results, West Bengal state lottery 6 PM results and lottery Sambad today 8 PM results.

Sambad lottery result held 3 times daily in the Nagaland state. The daily results include details about Dhankesari Lottery Sambad 1 PM, Lottery Sambad 6 PM, and also Dhankesari Lottery result 8 PM.

Lottery Sambad Today: A Newspaper

It is an era of technology where everything is online and we can know about anything with just a click. The newspapers are still on the top of the list to inform the readers about any happenings around the world. Sambad, an Indian newspaper in Odia language, is famous for displaying the scheme results on time because it declares the results of all states in India. 

Dear Lottery Sambad & Its Timings

The results for Dear Lottery 6 PM are announced in the West Bengal state lottery. The ticket for the lottery is also available and anyone can buy it, no matter from where he belongs nagaland, west Bengal, Kerala, or any state in India. Dear Lottery can also be searched as Dhankesari, dear Sambad, Aajkal lottery, Lottery Sambad live, lottery Sambad 2022, Sambad night results.

Our visitors stay connected to know the results at the right time. The results are available in Image and it can also be downloaded. The ticket price for the Nagaland lottery is just Rs. 6 and that is really surprising and interesting. This trick can help even the poor to be a millionaire overnight. 

While talking about the results timings, we want to clarify that in 2023, the timings were changed and the latest ones are 1 PM, 6 PM, and 8 PM. so visit our Main page for Nagaland state lottery 24.02.2024 Results.

Raise Money With Lottery

Well the lottery system is all about luck, you can be a millionaire with just Rs 6 or you may lose your Rs. 6 also. West Bengal lottery/Nagaland lottery are the famous lotteries around India, but buying tickets are available in 13 states, try your luck. The starting price money is Rs. 1 cr. Sambad lives also enable the participants to watch the results in front of them. Yes, the officials declare the live results on different social media platforms where the player can watch them online. 

Claim Your cash Prize In Sambad

After winning the lottery prize, the next step is how to claim the winning amount. We will discuss here how you can claim your winning prize money from the officials. 

  • Your tiket must not be damaged.
  • Download the claim form from the official webpage. Fill out the form with the required credentials.
  • Attach the asked documents.
Cash Prize Submit Claim form Officials 
Rs. 5000 Or belowTicket Agents 
Rs. 1 lakh Or BelowDepartment of District Office 
Rs. 1 lakh or Below ( other states )Department of Directorate
Rs. 1 lakh Or AboveDepartment of Director of State lottery 
Rs. 1 lakh to 20 lakhsDepartment of Deputy Director 
Rs. 20 lakhs Or aboveDepartment of Director 


Lottery Sambad today scheme enables everyone in a state who wants to become a millionaire overnight. But, it is all about luck, if you want to take a chance with a sambad lucky draw, we always welcome you. Just be a part of the lottery scheme following the helpful guideline given above. The rest depends on your luck and also on the time you select to take part in. 


Sambad lottery is a daily lottery lucky draw scheme. The government of Nagaland and Sikkim state overlooks its management.

Purchasing tickets from an authentic source or trusted retailer would be a good option.

A well-known L.S. publication in Kolkata prints the lottery sambad tickets.

These lottery schemes are banned in a few of the states in India and are available in 13 states.

Evening results of Lottery Sambad will be available at 6 PM on the official webpage and at 6:20 AM on this website.