Lottery Winners 2023

The concept of lotteries in india is not less than a blessing, the Nagaland state lotteries are the kickstart of many lucky draw schemes around India. when we talk about the popularity of Nagaland lotteries, many lottery winners come to our mind.. Few of them won huge prize money and became millionaires overnight. The lottery system brought the biggest change in many people’s life. The concept of lotteries is common in the well known countries like USA and UK. Lotteries like US Powerball & Mega Million have gained success. 

India, one of the most popular countries in Asia. it is famous for its low arket rates and also has significant market to perform gambling. Although, when gambling refers to lottery schemes, the officials have much to offer. In this era of advancement, technology owns everything so its accuracy is doubtless. That’s the reason, people participate in those lottery games without any doubts whether it is a national or international lottery game. 

It must be exciting to know much about the lottery winners in India. In this blog, we will discuss some of the famous lottery champions.

Lottery Winners In India 

Nagaland state & lottery sambad scheme is overnment owned lottery. Lets talk about lottery winners in india.

1. Porunann Rajan

Porunann Rajan is on the list of rich people in India, just because he participated in Kerala Christmas New Year Bumper ( Kerala lottery Result today ) 17th January 2021 and won almost INR 12,00,00,000. Parunann Rajan, a rubber taper by profession, was a resident of Puralimala Kurichia at Malur Kaithachakka, and once went to the bank to get a loan. He has heard about the Kerala state lottery’s 2020 Christmas New Year bumper draw. So, he took part in and purchased a ticket from Payyan agencies in Koothuparamba.

His ticket number was St. 269609, and he saw his ticket number on the top. With this money, he paid all his loans, invested in his daughter’s studies and did social work also.. 

2. Sharafuddin 

Kerala’s Christmas New Year bumper, an important aspect of Kerala state lottery result, has changed the life of Sharafuddin, a worker of Tenkasi Tamil Nadu, who belongs to Kerala. He had a thrilling experience with lottery schemes in India. He worked so hard during the pandemic for financial support. Then, he decided to purchase tickets for the lottery from the Bharani lottery agency, then he sold them to the buyers. Some lottery tickets were remaining and no one bought the winning ticket. Incidentally, he applied for the current lottery scheme and won Rs. 12 CR. he has good construction experience, he build a house of his own and started a small business. 

3. Ananthu Vijayan 

Kerala state lottery has acknowledged itself by giving 12,00,00,000 to a poor temple worker in Idukki, a district of Kerala declared a winner of the prize money of Thiruvonam bumper lottery on 21 September 2020. He was used to playing these lottery games, once he bought a ticket from the official agent and the ticket number was TB173964. It was a shocking news even though he thought it to be a prank. But, when he comes to know the truth, buy a small house near Ernakulam and step towards a business with his father. 

4. Akshit Kumar Jain 

Akshit kumar jain was the youngest playwin lotto winner. He belongs to Mumbai. He interestingly took part in the lottery games. So, he participated and won a jackpot prize of INR 2,83,00,000 on 6th June 2017.

5. Saraswati Bhagre 

Lottery sambad schemes in India is prooved to be alife changing opportunity for the women. They participate in it equally and get the output also. Saraswati Bhagre, a lady from Pune, took part in the Rajshree lottery sambad ( Powerball Lotto game ) organized by Sikkim state lottery, and won a jackpot prize of INR 1,50,000 in 2018. 

6. Hira Singh 

Hira Singh, who resides in Kansas US purchased a mega million lottery ticket to try his luck. He was fond of playing lottery games on a daily basis. As usual, he bought a lucky draw coupon while traveling for his work. He couldn’t watch the live draw so he went to scan his ticket for the numbers 10-12-16-49-57 and a mega ball number 18. The outcome of the machine declared him the winner but he rescan it three times & got the same results and become a winner of a massive jackpot of $50 million.

7. M.Bansraj 

The 14th Playwin Sikkim Super Lotto Draw, one of India’s biggest online lotteries, was played by a person named M.Bansraj of age 35 years old. In this lottery scheme, he won the big prize money of ₹5.20 CR. He, being the first online lottery winner in India add to his excitement

8. Six Friends Squad

A great thing happened to the squad of 6 friends in Kerala who got a big cash amount of INR 12 CR, while working in a jewelry shop in Kerala in 2019, each of them owned INR 600. Though, they didn’t leave the job but decided to utilize their prize in a good way. 

9. Anoop, a Rickshaw driver

The story of a rickshaw driver from Thiruvananthapuram is quite interesting. He has his life goal, wanting to go to Malaysia and start a career as a chef. He decided to take a loan to continue his studies but destiny has planned something better for him.

In December 2022, his bank loan was about to be approved the next day, when he got a call from the officials that a 25-years old has been declared a winner of the Onam bumper lottery in Kerala which is worth rs. 24 crore.

He has his taste in lottery tickets also as he didn’t like the first ticket he got, so he decided to exchange it for another. After deducting all the taxes, he became the owner of net worth INR Rs. 15 cr.

10. Balraj Awasthi 

He is an Indian player who has a command of playing international lotteries perfectly. It was his good luck because the chances of winning a huge amount in international lotteries are fewer. Balraj got famous around India and Toronto ( resides currently ) as well. Awasthi is the winner of an exclusive amount of $12.9 Million in Lotto 6/49. He played this lottery through the online lottery website introduced on 4 Feb 2017.

He is a chef in his career. Then he decided to invest his money to start a new business and hang out with family on a world tour. 

What’s interesting about Nandlall Mangal?

Nandlall Mangal played a powerball game and won an impressive $245.6 million prize. Those who searched for Indian lottery winners have never found Nandlall Mangal at the top. It is because a 42-year-old is a successful person in India but he is actually not an Indian. As his origin is Caribbean so he is not listed among the lottery winners in India 

A Guide to Become an International Lottery Winner In India

Well-known lottery players have participated in international games through online portals and won a large amounts. If you still have doubts about the lottery winners in India. Read this quick guide to know further about it. 

Choose a legal & Legit Online Site

Playing online lottery in India is not proihibted. but the condition is, the headquarter of the related game must be outside of the country. The official of the game keep checking the reliability and availability. Providing safe options and extra bonuses to play with.

Make a Deposit 

The player has to deposit INR Rs. 1100 to participate in the lottery scheme. Later on, this deposit is used to buy the tickets.

Secure Your Ticket

Securing your ticket can help you stand on the list of international lottery winners in India. There you will find a lot of online lottery game options but the choice is yours. 

Play International Lotteries In India

Here we have talked about many players who have been a part of international lottery games in India without leaving their country. So, a golden chance is at your door, don’t waste your time and be a part of it and see whether your ticket number is on the winning list or not. 


The above discussion about the lottery winners in India clarifies that fortune is everything. We see people be the richest and also the poor standing on their feet just with the help of lottery sambad schemes, these games are not available in India but international gaming systems also allow them to try their luck through online lottery portals. If you also want to be a part of any national or international lottery game. Read the instructions and follow accordingly.


Why not, you can easily contribute to an international lottery game in India through lottery websites.

Those who have applied for a lottery through a lottery agent website, winning 1.8 lakhs is mandatory. Otherwise, the gambling sites send the full amount to the person win.

Yes, the players are allowed to play the lottery game only if its headquarters is located outside the country.

We suggest you try it online from an authentic source because you have to travel to claim the prize if you purchase a ticket outside the country.

Well, it depends on the jackpot as there is no prize confirmation.