Manipur State Lottery Today Results 24.02.2024

Like the other states, Manipur state lottery in India is also among the lottery-allowed states. We have taken responsibility to publish daily results according to the particular timetable. The 5 rounds in Manipur lottery scheme have different times. In this website, we are displaying other results such as Nagaland state Lottery Mizoram Lottery, and, etc.

Nagaland State Lotteries

History Of Manipur State Lottery  

Manipur is positioned in the northeastern state of India, where 4 states cover its borders, the North is attached to Nagaland, the west is with Assam, Mizoram is located in the south, and Myanmar is in the east. While Imphal is the capital. The people here can speak Manipuri language and belong to the Meitei tribe and live in the village. People from Naga & Kuki tribes are living in the hilly areas.

The pupils from various countries stay here, as a huge number of people are settled here as artists. It is not only famous around India, but also loveable to tourists as many tourists in a year prefer visiting its locations such as Shri Govind Ji temple, Kharim band Bazar, shaheed Minar, Nupi San, Memorial Komler Ksa, Khonghampat Park, Loktak lake, Vishnu temple at Bishnupur, Sendra, Sirai ills and many more. 

Manipur state lottery held around India, 5 times a day, a chance to win huge prize money.

Manipur State Lottery Live Results  11 AM, 12 PM, 4 PM, 7 PM, and 9 PM

We will share the live results of the Manipur state lottery Sambad Results Today at 11 AM, 12 PM, 4 PM, 7 PM, and 9 PM. It will be live streaming. If you are a part of the Manipur state lottery Sambad results, dear morning 11 AM, Dear 12 PM, dear day 4 PM, Dear Evening 7 PM and dear Night 9 PM. Here you will get all the details of the manipur weekly lotteries such as Manipur states Singam, Singam helenium morning results, Singam Wedeli day Results, Singam kalmia evening results, Singam dahlia evening results, and all the related lottery results will be uploaded here. 

We are updatin people about Manipur state lottery results 24.02.2024. So keep checking the results for today’s lottery “ Singam “ daily, weekly lottery winner list. 

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12 PM ₹
4 PM ₹
7 PM ₹
9 PM ₹
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Manipur State Lottery Live Draw:

Pricing List of Manipur State Lottery 

First PrizeRs. 27 Lac
Cons. PrizeRs. 10,000/-
Second PrizeRs. 5000/-
Third PrizeRs. 1000/-
Fourth PrizeRs. 700/-
Fifth Prize Rs. 500/-

Manipur Lottery Weekly Timetable 

Draw Day12 AM Morning 4 PM Day7 PM Evening
Monday Singam TagetesSingam FoxgloveSingam Candytuft
TuesdaySingam Helenium Singam WedeliaSingam Kalmia
Wednesday Singam AnemoneSingam Sedum Singam Dahlia 
Thursday Singam GerberaSingam Echium Singam Ursinia
Friday Singam Verbena Singam NepetaSingam Nemesia
Saturday Singam AlyssumSingam Honesty Singam Freesia
Sunday Singam BegoniaSingam VincaSingam Flumeia
Draw Day 9 PM Night
Sunday Singam Turtle
Monday Singam Badger 
Tuesday Singam Lizard
Wednesday Singam Otter 
Thursday Singam Stone 
Friday Singam Seagull 
Saturday Singam Walrus 

Live Draw Timetable

Ticket Printing Time Live Draw Time
12 PM12:10 PM
4 PM4:10 PM
7 PM7:10 PM
9 PM9:10 PM

Instruction to check/save Manipur Lottery Results 

  • Manipur Lottery results are available at
  • The results section option is updated.
  • Tap on the timing you have participated in, 11 AM, 12 PM, 4 PM, 7 PM, and 9 PM.
  • Click on the image and download.
  • Now open it and look over your ticket number.

The process to claim For Your Lucky Draw Prize 

  • For this, you need to reach the official website.
  • Scroll down the main web page and look for claim toggles
  • There you will see the option to download the prize claim form.
  • Fill out the prize-claiming form according to the terms & conditions.
  • Post the documents to the related department officer according to the prize money.

Buy Manipur Ticket Online 

It is advantageous for Manipur lottery buyers that they can purchase the ticket online. If you want to take part in Manipur state lottery Sambad, the tickets are available online in your local area. Go for it because you can visit there to claim your prize money. 


Manipur State Lottery provides a chance to win huge money to its participants. This might be your time to get big cash. 

For this, take risk and step forward, buying a lottery ticket from any retailer or ticket agent. Spend Rs. 6 and wait for the heavy amount to come back. We have also discussed the result-checking and claiming procedure so go for it.


Singam lottery is a ticket offered by the Manipur state and Sambad is the newspaper that owns all the news published about the lottery within the state.

The state of Mizoram has taken all the responsibility for the Singam lottery scheme.

There is no official app that can provide authentic information about the Manipur lottery scheme. However, netizens have introduced apps that are available in the play store.

The people living in the state can play games in the Manipur lottery.

If you want to be on the participant’s list of the Manipur lucky draw, contact the retailer or ticket agent hired by the government.