Sikkim State Lottery 2024

This blog is for the lottery contributors. we dail upload the results so that the players choose to visit our website. In Sikkim State, lottery programs are allowed by the law and government, regularly publish outcomes on their specific websites. So our visitors have to wait just for 15 minutes for the declaration of results. 

Sikkim State Lottery Sambad has changed the lifestyle of the participants, just like other lottery schemes, Sikkim state lottery results are held 3 times a day on our web’s main page.

Before getting ahead to the lottery project details. Let’s talk about Sikkim state in India and Sikkim state lottery today.

Sikkim State Lottery In India

The Sikkim state covers a bit of the northern part of India. The shape of this mountainous region is worth seeing, a thumb-like state’s shape adds much more to its beauty. The Mountains like Kanchenjunga, chomo yummo, and Khangchengyo are enough to cover Sikkim state India. The north of Sikkim is connected with Nepal, Bhutan is in the southeast while Chinese Tibet region in the east. South of Sikkim state is attached to the state of West Bengal. It is the smallest state with the people of different regions and casts who have command of various languages such as Playcha., Bhutia, Limbu, Hindi, English and specially Gorkha Khas is the most used language in the Sikkim state. Moreover, the pupils of Sikkim are educated written practice in English, Hinduism, and Buddhism. 

Prem Singh Tamang ji is working as its chief minister. 

Gangtok: Capital Of Sikkim State Lottery

Gangtok, capital of Sikkim state and its largest city. Its organic cultivation is a defining characteristic, as this state is also a part of the Himalayan mountain range. The British connected Sikkim with India in 1890, and the Gyal monarchy controlled the state’s system. In 1975, Sikkim integrated into India.

Welcome To Sikkim State Lottery Sambad

don’t hear anyone if they discourage you about these lottery projects. In their opinion, A huge number of people are applying for it, how could you win? So, the chances of your winning the prize are more than the one who has never applied for it. So, be connected with the Sikkim state lottery and keep trying for it you may win a huge prize. 

The process of applying for the lottery scheme is very easy and cheap. The lottery ticket charges just Rs. 6. In return you can win 1 Cr. 

Sikkim State Lottery Sambad Live 

The purpose to introduce Sikkim Dear lottery result was the development of the state. According to the reports in 2016 controller and audit general. There were some irregularities seen in the conduct of the Sikkim state lottery.

After this scenario, the authorities Of Nagaland Lotteries were left alone with their minimum warranted revenue ( MGR ) per draw. To restore all the lottery scheme activities. CAG gave rise to the number of modifications that worked according to the authorities and that’s how the players get a chance to engage themselves in lottery projects. 

Bangalakhshmi Teesta Lottery 

Bangalakhshmi Teesta Lottery is the famous lucky draw in Sikkim State Lottery that is named due to a well-known river, Teesta. The results of Bangalakhshmi Teesta lottery occur at 6 Pm like the lottery Sambad results. Check out our main page for Lottery results 24.02.2024. The government of Goa owned the operation of a lottery, even though it was the smallest state in the region. However, according to the 2011 population estimate, Sikkim was declared the smallest state in India, with a population of 610,577.

The Sikkim state government controls the head office located in Deorali Gangtok, where the participants can purchase tickets for the Sikkim State Lottery live. The official work timing is from 9 am to 8 pm.

Royal Star online lottery office’s building is located next to the bridge at Jorethang Bazar Sikkim, the office hours are interesting for the players from 8 AM to 8 PM. 

6 Sikkim state lottery draw bumper is quite efficient and held every year on:

  • Makar Sankranti bumper, 
  • Shree Holi Bumper, 
  • Saraswati bumper,
  • Diwali pooja bumper,
  • Baisakhi bumper 
  • Christmas new year bumper

The prices of these bumpers are quite shocking and exciting at the same time. That is up to 1 Cr to 10 Cr. The coupons for these lottery prizes range between 100 to 2000 Rupees. 

It is suggested to buy the highest cost ticket as there would be more chances of buying a high price. 

Sikkim Lottery Newspaper 

A Sikkim newspaper started its operations back in 1984, based on the lottery results, got much fame in no time. In the beginning, it just announce results or the single state but today it is a need of the people of many states. 

People search for the Sikkim state lottery results according to their interests and the multiple names include:

These lotteries are getting famous in India due to its cheap ticket price. Many people took advantage of this lucky draw and added cash to their accounts. So they get updated with all the storylines published in the newspaper. 

Sikkim lottery newspaper spread the news about the results that developed an interest in people. Moreover, their names or ticket numbers can also be listed here. 

If you buy more than 1 ticket, there will be more chances to win any cash prize. 

Sikkim State Lottery Results 

The availability of a lucky draw system in the state is a golden chance for them to check their fate. Sikkim state lottery is held three times a day at different times, at 1 AM, at 6 PM, or 8 PM. The ticket price cost only Rs. 6. And the cheap ticket price enables people from all standards to buy it.

DaysSikkim State Lottery Draw Names
Friday Dear Treasure Morning
Tuesday Dear Precious Morning 
Wednesday Dear Cherished Morning 
TuesdayDear Admire Morning ( Updated )
Monday Dear Respect Morning 
Sunday Dear Love Morning 
Saturday Dear Valuable Morning 

Sikkim State Lottery Weekly Draw Names

Monday Dear Loving Morning 
TuesdayDear Sincere Morning 
Wednesday Dear Faithful Morning 
Thursday Dear Kind Morning 
Friday Dear tender Morning 
Saturday Dear Gentle Morning 
Sunday Dear Affectionate Morning 

Sikkim state lottery 2020 shows the results on a dear affectionate morning at 1 AM. The website mentions results on various states. We try to cover all the state’s results on our website so that you can find them all in one. 

Download/Save Sikkim State Lottery Results 

The downloading process of Sikkim state lottery today results is right here. The application procedure is easy to ensure that everyone can apply for the lottery system.

  • This website provides results for Nagaland State lotteries
  • Find the results according to what you have applied for.
  • Click on view or save it in an image to check it later.
  • If you won, check out our next description to claim your prize.

What to do to take your prize money?

So, congratulations if you have won the Sikkim lottery prize. Read out the prize-claiming guide.

  • First of all, save your ticket price as the number mentioned at the back of it will work during the procedure. 
  • Download a claim form or buy it from where you have bought a lottery coupon.
  • Fill out the form Accordingly.
  • When done, attach a passport-size photograph with the ticket and a claim form.
  • Submit it to the head office and wait for your amount. 


The Sikkim state in India has the least population. But, the people here are so pure, honest, and hardworking as they are living from hand to mouth with the farming business. They deserve a lottery scheme like Sikkim State Lottery and the government has also allowed it, seeing the conditions of the people. It is reliable and free from deception or fraud. 

For more information, we have guided you about downloading the procedure of results and claiming the prize money also. 


It is easier to play the Sikkim state lottery because it is an offline-based game. To be a part of it, just purchase a related state ticket coupon and be its member.

Follow the procedure given above to ask for your winning amount.

The government of Sikkim and Nagaland is performing all the functions and procedures of the lottery system in India.

There are many agents and retailers, providing lottery tickets online. So catch the reliable one.

Updates to the results occur at 1 AM every morning, and contributors may check them on any website