West Bengal State Lottery 2024

West Bengal is one of the well-known states in India, the people are living from hand to mouth. It is expanded to an area of around 66,752 Sq KM. The people here are good in agricultural but they can not participate in state’s development. The population is around 9,13,47,737 due to an increasing ratio of poverty, many people turn their heads to shortcuts like lottery games in West Bengal state. 

The lottery is performed live in Raninagar, Bhakuri village, Berhampore, and West Bengal. The lottery coupon of West Bengal state can be purchased from Bhakuri Nityananda lottery shop and from Bhakuri Panchmukhi Shiv mandir. The prize money does not only use for the individual’s life but also a valid source in the state’s progress such as the cash is used in power development, for preparing thermal power generation, and renewable energy development for nonconventional power generation.

West Bengal state lottery result time is exciting time for the contributors because they can win up a huge amount in just a few seconds. Nagaland, Assam, Sikkim are the hilly areas with small markets and tribals. The ratio of poverty is high in these areas so a lottery project can be a good source of income for the pupils here. As it is an authentic source of money, people have made various groups and take part in the lottery project on a regular basis.

West Bengal State Lottery Sambad: Popularity 

The populairy of the West Bengal state lottery today is evident. Because the state’s government and the government minister takes all the responsibilities for the ups and downs in this lottery scheme. The Directorate, the finance department, governs the process of the West Bengal lottery. It is a two-way beneficial scheme for India, it means it would be a good source for the winner and the prize money is also used in social welfare schemes.

Many states have banned this lottery project and people are unable to take part in it. According to the orders of the supreme court, the states can run this lottery scheme if they want and the West Bengal State Lottery has organized and managed it efficiently. It is an offline lottery scheme in india. 

Take Part in West Bengal State Lottery Dear

Participate in the west bengal state lottery, If you succeed in winning the cash prize, reach out to government officials and claim your prize. Contact on the number written on the back of the coupon and ask them for further process. There are many websites providing results for the West Bengal state lottery, go with the official one and get your results.

Lottery Sambad Overview 

A lot o people have participated in the West Bengal lottery Sambad scheme. Some of them didn’t get big prize money but they won little, bumper, or daily cash prizes which is a good prize as well.

Yout might be particpating in the lottery scheme for the first time so get inspiration from experienced players, Make strategies, follow the tips, and be with them regularly. 

These lottery schemes are the best chance for those who believe in luck and want to try it for once.. To do so, be a part of a gambling-like lottery scheme in India. It is easy to apply for and the results are avialble online on various websites. Plus a live stream also takes place. 

There are many lucky draws are being played around India.  So it can be confusing. Many people ask about the various tags mentioned at the time of the result announcement. So for more clarification, the results of the lottery sambad relate to West Bengal in India.. So remember this name and never forget to check the results with such names. 

West Bengal State Lottery Sambad Multiple Games 

Days Weekly Game Names Ticket Name
Monday Dear Bangalakshmi Teesta Dear Sun 
TuesdayDear Bangalakshmi Torsha Dear Moon
Wednesday Dear Bangabhumi Raidak Dear Mercury 
Thursday Dear Bangabhumi BhagirathiDear Venus
Friday Dear Bangabhumi Ajay Dear Earth
Saturday Dear Bangasree Damodar Dear Mars
Sunday Dear Bangasree Ichamati Dear Jupiter 

West Bengal State Lottery Sambad & Others Results

West Bengal’s lottery results are displayed on many websites. West Bengal’s lucky draw is named as lottery sambad 6 PM and Nagaland lottery result. so to check West Bengal state lottery results, go to Nagaland State Lucky draw Results 24.02.2024

Get a chance to be a millionaire in one night just by spending Rs 6. All the results would be available in an image that is easy to download on your device. 

Sambad newspapers are famous for declaring results to their readers. Well, it displays other results including:

  • Rajshree lottery results 
  • Mizoram state lottery results 
  • Nagaland state lottery 
  • Manipur State lottery
  • Bhutan State lottery

West Bengal State Lottery Schedule & Prize Money 

West Bengal state lottery welcomes all the peoples of West Bengal. It opens at different times every day anyone can join it and add their name to the winner list. 

First Cash PrizeRs. 1 Cr.
Cons. Cash PrizeRs. 1000/-
Second Cash PrizeRs. 9000/-
Third Cash PrizeRs. 500/-
Fourth Cash PrizeRs. 250/-
Fifth Cash PrizeRs. 120/-

Information Table

Lottery NameWest Bengal State Lottery
Draw NameDear Lottery Day Result
First PrizeRs. 1,00,00,000
Result Date24 February 2024
Result Time1 PM, 6 PM, 8 PM
Result Status Available 

Helpful Guide to Download West Bengal State Lottery Results 

A useful guide is given for the ease of their visitors so they can download the lottery results successfully.

  • Check the results from our website of the lottery scheme www.nagalandstatelotteries.com. So go for it.
  • There would be many options available so choose the desired state lottery results.
  • Choose the required one.
  • All the information would be ahead of you. Click on Nagaland Lottery results and tap on the View button.
  • Download/save the file in an image.. Go for it.

Follow The helpful guide to claim a Cash prize in West Bengal State Lottery 

Luckily, if you won the cash prize, follow the given procedure to receive your prize.

  • First, gather all the original/related documents to claim your prize money such as the original winning coupon, government proof ID card, and prize claim paper.
  • Sign on your form and attach passport-size images. 
  • Fill it out the form with the required information. 
  • When you have done with it, submit it to the nearest West Bengal office within the given time limit. 
  • If everything goes officially correct, the management officials will approve it and release your prize money.
  • If you win the best prize, the officials wil call you to visit the office personally.
  • For future reference, keep a copy of all the papers with you.

Important Note:

The prize-receiving process varies from game to game and the lottery played. So must read out the terms and conditions before claiming the cash prize. It is important to avoid delays.  

Important Instructions:

If the number is mentioned in your lottery coupon, must show it to the West Bengal state lottery gazette office to get your cash prize. Must receive your cash within 30 days from the result announced.

Claim the prize within the time, only then it would be considered authentic.

The West Bengal state lottery project office is located in the state. Follow the procedure and get the remaining amount after the tax deduction. 


West Bengal state lottery Sambad stands as a miracle for those who want a shortcut to alter their lifestyle. Must try luck, yes, we are fingers crossed at the time of the result announcement but you might become millionaires in the next few seconds. We have described how you can download a form to join West Bengal’s successful lottery project. Plus the money-claiming procedure is far easier. 


The maximum cash prize starts from 1 CR in the West Bengal state lottery

Yes, the result timing is 1 PM, 6 PM & 8 PM every day

The amount collected in the West Bengal state lucky draw is utilized for special purposes such as welfare and charity activities. Plus, it would be a golden chance for the winner to make a luxurious change in his life.

West Bengal state lottery is a reliable lottery scheme and it’s a government-owned scheme that makes it more authentic.

The live telecast of the lucky draw begins exactly at its prize drawing time. So that the participants can watch them.